What are some signs you are an INTJ personality type?

Answer by Josh Hill:

You have deep emotions, but don't show them. You are extremely open minded and question everything, including your own beliefs, but when you finally express an opinion it is with a confidence that others misconstrue as arrogance, since you've thought about things a lot more deeply than they have.
You seek understanding and dislike rote learning. You're never happier or more productive than when you're presented with a difficult problem to solve, to the extent that you'll make work for yourself to create a challenge. You're fascinated by anything that promises to help you solve a problem by increasing your understanding. You value honesty very highly and sometimes get in trouble because you tell the truth rather than what people want to hear.
You are an extremely hard worker, indeed, your wheels almost never stop spinning, but if you don't have a real project you're likely to just keep spinning those wheels and acquiring a vast understanding that you'll never use. At the same time, everything you do is directed towards a goal. You don't think of yourself as a leader but when you are thrust into that role by circumstance you are a very adept one.
You want nothing more than to make things better by using your gift to solve a problem and you have contempt for the human frailties that get in the way of this. This can lead to conflict with those who think or behave irrationally, or have less virtuous motives, or just happen to be in the way; for you, the goal is all important. You are frequently misunderstood by those who don't know you and you sometimes feel overlooked, underutilized, and under-appreciated, particularly when you see less productive people succeeding through what to you are very obviously underhanded tricks.
You dislike small talk. You are uncomfortable giving and receiving praise. You can see the smallest flaw in the argument of others. You have gradually learned over the years that your steel trap mind makes them feel dumb, so you may be reticent about when and how you put it on display. If you've learned that your honesty hurts people, you may be conflicted between telling the truth and putting feelings first as an F would.
And mostly, if other people's understanding of a topic is like this:
Yours is more like this:

What are some signs you are an INTJ personality type?


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