What does it feel like to be an INTJ?

Answer by Anuj Kumar:

Here are some of my feelings (or are they thoughts/findings?) :

1. It feels like a big part of my inner self is completely unknown to the world. Even people who are very close to me don't know me well enough. It is something I would like to change but then either I am unable to express my true self or most people aren't able to comprehend it.

2. Most of the time I feel I am the smartest man in the room and it sucks. I want to spend my time with people who are better than me but there aren't many in real life. So, I like spending my time online with INTJs like me on sites like Hacker News. It is not surprising that despite INTJ being one of the least found personality type, most of the people there are INTJ (HN Poll: What is your personality type?)

3. Regardless of the fact that people say INTJ are emotionless, I feel I am very emotional. Its just that I don't cry for stupid/illogical reasons. Now, that was contradictory and may be that is why it is difficult for people to understand me as  a person.

4. More than a dozen time my close friends (mostly girls) have told me that I am from a different planet. They claim that they said it in a positive sense but who knows?? Despite my best efforts to disguise myself as a human, my true identity have been revealed : alien.

5. I try to find logic in this illogical world and I get disappointed but then I pick myself up and convince myself to try again.

6. Some of the most frustrating interpersonal experiences I ever had are with girl(s) with whom I have been in romantic relationship. I'm sure they feel the same. I find it stupid to update them about my whereabouts every 20 min, or lie that I am missing her when I am not (seriously, is it sane to miss a girl 24×7 and not focus my thoughts on some constructive work that might improve the world or solve problems of a million people). I find them stupid(don't take this as attack on all girls) and they find me unemotional/unromantic. I guess we both are right. Now that I am 29 I feel that I am no more interested in any romantic relation. Life is much better when I am single, enjoying my work and spend my free time with some close like-minded friends. May be I will think about a romantic relationship again in future if a) I develop a talent to live in a peaceful romantic relationship with a girl b) I find a girl who can live peacefully with me.

7. As an INTJ I feel I set very high standards for myself and anyone who is associated with me. I won't like to see myself as a person who I don't love and respect. I criticize myself a lot and I am always trying to improve as a person. Not being good enough in any role of my life is a terrible feeling.

8. I wasn't aware of it when I was young but now I realize that as an INTJ I am much much better than an average person in finding information I want, recognizing patterns, generating designs/architecture/flow in my mind, etc. Sometimes I am unable to explain my thought pattern to others. I find it difficult to express those thoughts with words.

What does it feel like to be an INTJ?


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