What are good GRE and TOEFL scores to get into a top university in the US?

Answer by Ankit Sablok:

First of all if you are aiming top 10 universities in United States here are a couple of links that might interest you the most throughout this hectic and exhausting process How To Get Into Stanford & Other Graduate Schools and Helping You Get Into Your Dream School (This is supposed to be authored by the famous Stanford university professor Andrew Ng) and will help you the most in the process.

Coming to the question I was fortunate to attend a conference organized by Welcome to USIEF ::(United States Indian Educational Foundation) last year regarding the admissions process where delegates from around 100 universities came over to Delhi to enlighten students regarding the different disciplines at the university, the admission criteria, visa application and other supplemental stuff. I posed the following question to one of the delegates in the committee, "What criteria does a university use to normalize profiles of students who have done great at academics, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and TOEFL but have practically no internship experience, bad projects etc against those who have scored modestly in GRE and TOEFL have secured a bearable percentage of marks and have strong internship, international and competitive flavor to their profile?". And to my delight the answer I got was a positive one, He told that university only requires a student to score the minimal GRE and TOEFL scores that renders the student eligible to apply to the university and after this initial screening is done the application is passed on to a committee of students and professors where the profile is grilled and brownie points are given for the student's outstanding achievements and then there is a weight to weight comparison of profiles between students who managed to pass the initial screening, keeping this in mind I would say try to score well in GRE but even if you don't manage very high scores don't get discouraged you must ensure that you manage a score so that you pass the initial screening phase of your application and as far as top 10 universities in States are concerned the only thing that matters is you and your achievements and most importantly the people from whom you manage to get your Letters of Recommendation, if those people are well known in their respective fields the other parts of your application might just play very little role, and if the recommendation is strong then I do believe it will be an admit in most of the cases.

Conclusion : Strive hard to manage both good scores and most importantly build a good profile for which you can participate in internationally recognized events, collaborative research experience will do a world of good, and other such extracurricular activities. Best of Luck.

What are good GRE and TOEFL scores to get into a top university in the US?


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