Does Feifei Wang answer/ask questions on Zhihu?

Answer by Feifei Wang:

No. I don't answer/ask questions on Zhihu because I particularly do not like how Zhihu run their site. I've wrote about how Zhihu compare to Quora back in 2013:

Quora is a platform; Zhihu is a social media site.

Quora provides a playground where you can have various discussions in a positive and productive environment. The ground rules are set up to protect people, so there won't be too many attacks. And the cultivated community can help steer the overall community attitude towards building a more positive, more intellectual, and more supportive community.

In contrast, Zhihu—like so many other knockoff websites from China—gets the superficial idea of Quora, but doesn't get the spirit, and certainly hasn't cultivated nearly as sophisticated a community. People complain about power users on Quora, wait until you see how Zhihu power users work. For these people, Zhihu is not a platform for everyone, but rather they're using whatever exposure Zhihu can provide to promote their own popularity and brand (if they have one).

Feifei Wang's answer to How does the Chinese Q&A website Zhihu compare to Quora?

My sentiment hasn't change since then. I occasionally read some Zhihu answers when my Chinese friends post them on their social network site, but from the limited exposure I have, Zhihu seems like a very unfriendly place filled with cliquish little circles, Key opinion leaders and their groupies (who will support their idol no matter what), joke answers (tons of joke answer it's not even funny). There are definitely good answers once every blue moon, but I just don't want to go through the cesspool of jokes, personal attacks, shameless self-promotion and groups to get to that one good answer.

In the end, Zhihu admins either don't care about the quality of their site and going for the quantity (it's quite normal for a semi-popular Zhihu answer to get thousands of upvotes), or they don't dare to implement a stricter community rule fearing it'd might drive away people who thrive in joke answers and personal attacks.

Whatever the case, my time is better spend else where.

Does Feifei Wang answer/ask questions on Zhihu?


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